Managed Responsible Disclosure

Putting your RD page online is easy, but are you also ready to handle incoming bug reports?

Let us take care of your RD process, so you can focus on what is most important:

Securing Your Applications!

Your RD Response Team.

What we cover:

  • Test and verify RD reports.
  • Root cause analysis of issues.
  • Analyze urgency of RDs.
  • Chat with reporter on details.
  • Advise on fixes - short / long term.
  • Retest issues when fixed.
  • Rate findings.
  • RD Administration and reporting.

About us:

  • Experienced security experts.
  • Engage 100+ pentests a year.
  • Based in NL - Amsterdam.
  • Did many RDs ourselves.
  • We know the RD playing field.
  • Read about our research here.

Questions or something to discuss?

rdteam@securify.nl (PGP)

7325 314C A939 9E41 3178  5BB4 9358 7E6E 1BF2 98C2